Behind the camera

Michael Pretorius

Johannesburg, South Africa

Travel, Fitness.... Concept

I am a concept style artist. The world is a pretty interesting place but I wanna strive to make it unique.

I use my Photoshop, lighting and special effects skills to take the ordinary picture and make it come to life. Every moment has a story and I want to tell it.

A little story of why:

Why am I a Photographer? Simple, I can't see myself doing anything else. I love experiencing new thing and in photography I have to problem solve each moment to get the perfect image.


I love exploring, hanging off building, diving into caves, traveling the world to capture that one moment that bring the scene to life.


I love my job.


Lets make your moment stand out.

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I Con International
DSSA Online Shopping
RFS Econorun
Manawa Sport Massage     

Tel: 072 778 9868

South Africa